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Thinking for Printing - Denise Wyllie Painter & Printmaker -The Printmakers Council UK
‘Thinking for Printing’ gives us a glimpse into artist Denise Wyllie’s creative ideas and process. We see moments in her sketchbook of watercolours and drawings translated into screenprint stencils and prints. Her ever flowing colourful imaginings and research evolve and conclude with the making of a new artwork series titled ‘Secret Gardens’. A Wyllie Kurochkin video project : Denise Wyllie painter, printmaker and moving image artwork Andrey Kurochkin Film and Edit Music: Alex Arcoleo See Denise Wyllie's work, along with a diverse range of talented artists’ sketchbooks & affordable art, at: 'Thinking for Printing' The Printmakers Council UK Exhibition January 31- February 5 2023 Bankside Gallery, Bankside, Thames Riverside, 48 Hopton Street, London Everyone welcome- free entrance to all including groups & students The Printmakers Council PmC ‘promoting the art of printmaking’ President Stanley Jones MBE The Printmakers Council was founded in 1965 to promote the art of printmaking and the work of contemporary printmakers. It continues to pursue this aim through organising a program of exhibitions & print workshops in the UK, Europe and Worldwide . The Bankside Gallery is a public art gallery with frequently changing contemporary art exhibitions. It is the home to thr Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE) and the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS). Their vibrant exhibitions include a variety of artists and organisations championing the work of both new and established artists.
Denise Wyllie's Open Studio Fete de l'Estampe
Denise Wyllies for the first time opens her private art studio & exhibition space in London N2 UK and participates in Fete de l'Estampe, the French Printmaking Festival that is celebrated in ateliers and museums across the whole of France into Europe and in this one new location in London. Wyllie was invited to take part by Estampe member Catherine Gillet, Atelier Ville d’Avaray, France after they exhibited together in Gallery Sugino, Tokyo, Japan last year. The video gives a special private view of Wyllie’s Studio that delights us a substantial feast of her delicious vibrant colours and dramatic black & white prints, plus wonderful, rich, lush English landscape paintings that line the walls. Many other eminent contemporary international printmakers works are displayed in print racks and tables throughout the space. Artists are from Russia, Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Norway and the UK. 3 UK studios in the UK celebrate along with their inky fingered comrades in almost 300 French and other European venues. Denise Wyllie says, “Viva la France. We are so happy to be in such very good company.” Denise Wyllie’s Open Studio -London N2 is open by special appointment Instagram @artist_denise_wyllie Twitter @ArtistWyllie Catherine Gillet Christina France Crews Kaleidoscope Gallery Sevenoaks Kent TN13 1LQ 23 Dover Print Collective Dover, Kent CT16 2PW -Clare Smith, Chris Burke, Drew Alexander Burrett, Kate Beaugie & Mike Tedder Discover more at Fete de l'Estampe #art #artist #gallery #London #manifestampe #denisewyllie #printmaking @ldnprintstudio #japan @ArtistWyllie @denise_wyllie ‏


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